Project Management

Project Management

Offload your project management necessities today and lift your efficiency. An e-Assistant project manager offers outstanding help and empowers fruitful task finishing with quick turnaround time. Going ahead, get the help you have to advance with your project management initiatives with an e-Assistant task administrator or project manager taking care of your groups or teams, dealing with your time, taking care of briefings and overseeing hazard (managing risk). Try not to make due with anything short of fruitful project management, with our gifted e-Assistant project managers at work. Presently center around huge needs like driving income, with an e-Assistant project managers to deal with all your everyday, time-delicate undertaking project management assignments or tasks.

  • Project Planning

Making arrangements for project management success? At that point don’t forget the e-Assistant task supervisor (project manager) whose expertise lies in planning and executing projects. Setting up an undertaking or project plan implies foreseeing qualities, shortcomings, dangers just as circumstances or opportunities. Our experienced e-Assistant project managers recognize the stuff for a venture to succeed.

  • Coordinating Freelancers

Organizations today work with representatives, however consultants, contractual workers, agencies and vendors. With such a significant number of individuals both all through office adding to work results, the board and coordination end up critical. We are the correct decision for powerful coordination of all your workforce and care or support staff.

  • Schedule Briefings

Project briefings play a crucial role in creating a deeper understanding of the final shape of the project and the future directions it will take. Hire our experts and make project briefings easy to schedule and implement.

  • Researching Vendors

Your project can only be successful if your choice of vendors is perfect. Our virtual project managers are seasoned experts when it comes to understanding what it takes to make the project a success.

  • Managing Timelines

A project needs to be executed well in time. A plan for projects is only as effective as its implementation. Managing the timely allocation of resources and handling of project priorities, our skilled virtual project managers will lighten your workload.

  • Expense Management and Budget Tracking

For effective project management, you need to ensure the expenses are well within the budget. Payments need to be timely based on project milestone completion. For all these small, but time consuming and important tasks, rely on our virtual project manager.

  • Shopping Cart Administration

Whether it’s through live chat support, helpdesk calls or dispatch calls, shopping cart administration becomes simple through our virtual customer support. Now cut down on cart abandonment and actively promote your brand to interested customers, courtesy our trained and disciplined professionals.

  • Accounting and Auditing

Whatever the bookkeeping task integral to project management success, our trained and qualified virtual project managers can work their magic. With an acumen for numbers, facts, figures and audits, our talented professionals are a match for any level of financial analysis needed for project success.

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