Over-the-Top Customer Service

We give best customer experiences begin before someone actually becomes our customer. From the moment that someone comes in contact with our business, whether it’s online or offline, they feel cared for and understood. As an after service, we find ways to make sure that our customer feels valued. Those small touches make all the difference.

Standard operating procedures are very valuable, but they merely provide a framework within which to work. We provide the best customer service experience, that is familiar enough with this framework to be able to “finesse” it as needed to accommodate our customer. We know without our customer, we won’t need a framework.

We personalize our response and address our customer’s concerns without using an obvious copy-paste auto-response template. We give them the proper attention  which enhances the customer experience for these individuals, which could see them go on to become our brand champion and recommend our business to their friends and family.

When customer comes with a question, nothing will turn them away faster than being sent to voicemail. Our answering  mode keep our customer connected to a live person, even if we’re not free to take the call or respond to their mails. We take messages, forward calls, and relay basic information to customers. Our customer get a live answering service, weekday and weekend coverage, and a local-area hosted phone and whatsapp number.

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