Digital Marketing

Docu-Xpress e-Assistant Digital Marketer

Docu-Xpress e-Assistant digital marketer, are ready to assist you with your online marketing needs without taking up valuable space and resources as an onsite contractor.

Get the Inbound Marketing services that your website needs to bring in customers. It’s not enough to just throw up a website and wait for customers to come. They have to be able to find your site. Without optimization and online marketing efforts search engines and social media sites your site is just one of millions out there hoping to be found.

  • Creating analytics and reporting processes for tracking and analyzing marketing campaigns.
  • Managing hundreds of PPC and CPC campaigns on Google and Yahoo! with hundreds of thousands of keywords.
  • Developing content widget programs to distribute to relevant sites and increase traffic and lead generation.
  • Increasing natural search traffic and ranking for key terms on Google by re-optimizing core sites and teaching staff to optimize content for better search results.
  • Improving traffic flow on-site to fulfill conversion goals by utilizing PPC and CPC campaigns focused on relevant keyword campaigns.
  • Optimizing landing pages for client websites for Google natural search traffic
  • Managing affiliate marketing programs in the Commission Junction Network
  • Managing projects through the implementation process to improve traffic flow on-site.
  • Website development and content management.
  • Help every client optimize their website for the best results.
  • Get found by the right prospects via search engines, social media, and blogs.
  • Convert more of your leads into sales via landing pages, lead intelligence, and marketing analytics.
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