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Consumer satisfaction is a vital segment of maintaining an effective business.

Consumers request quick client support nowadays. They don’t want to wait on hold to speak to a customer representative on the phone. When they have an inquiry or an objection they search for help on the organization’s site or they swing to social media.

  • Respond instantly

Have you ever submitted a support request online and received an auto response stating that someone will be in touch within 24 to 48 hours? This is completely unacceptable. If your customers have to wait an entire day or two for a response there is a good chance they will find another company to do business with.

Instead of establishing that our Online e-Assistant Customer Service will respond within a certain time-frame with our implemented  internal policy to respond as quickly as possible.

  • React Even Quicker on Social Media

Almost half of consumers ask questions, complain or report satisfaction via social media. You don’t need to solve the request through social media — we simply reply quickly with a way for them to get fast help by providing the individual with a dedicated customer-support email address or a link to your customer-support ticketing system will satisfy the initial social-media request and we allow our team to properly help the customer.

  • We Take Customers’ Privacy Serious

Our Online Customer Service e-Assistant we never ask your customers to provide sensitive information in order to help them. Asking for this information will not only put them at risk, but it will also cause them to lose trust and potentially never to do business with you again.

  • Tone Down The Technical Jargon

Our online e-Assistant customer-service understand that not every person they communicate with is going to have a full understanding of technical and industry-specific terminology. They attempt to answer all questions using very clear and direct replies. If the response requires a lot of detail, they break it up into smaller pieces that are easier to digest.

  • Use of In-built Customer-service System

It can cost a fortune to develop a custom backend customer-support system — and most businesses don’t need a full-blown custom solution. Our platforms provides our online customer service e-Assistant with time-management tools to help deliver excellent customer service.

  • We Put Customer in Our Shoe

A ballistic, pissed-off customer can quickly change his or her tone if the customer-service representative shows compassion. Our support team have thick skin — there undoubtedly will be a situation at one point or another that involves an irate customer cursing and out for blood.

If the rep on the other end replies along the lines of, “I’m very sorry you are experiencing this problem, and I completely understand why you are upset, so let me help you correct this problem,” it will calm the individual down and allow our team to resolve the issue.

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